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IOOS International Olive Oil Master.

Upcoming Courses
Choose from these International Olive Oil School courses and advance your knowledge of olive oil. From a basic olive oil appreciation and tasting course to advanced programs in production, marketing and health aspects, there is an IOOS course to advance your olive oil education, all

without travelling halfway around the world.
Participants who successfully complete the three-course series that includes this course (Testing and Tasting: Understanding Olive Oil Chemistry), Olive Oil Tasting: Defects and Quality Assessment 2059 and Olive Varieties, Advanced Tasting Techniques and Food Pairings 2063 will receive the IOOS International Olive Oil Master certification. To
register for all three courses at a reduced rate, click here.
The International Olive Oil School is operated by Olive Oil Times, the industry publication of record, and the organizer of the New York International Olive Oil Competition.
The mission of IOOS is to provide an exchange for knowledge about all aspects of olive oil. We believe that the more people know about this important food, the healthier the world will be.
IOOS is not endorsed or supported by any outside company, and the curriculum is developed in consultation with the world’s foremost experts in their fields.
If you would like more information about the International Olive Oil School, please contact us.
The International Olive Oil School - Scuola Internazionale di Olio di Oliva
Organizzation: The Olive Oil Times
1) Testing and Tasting: Understanding Olive Oil Chemistry - Course ID: 2550
Essential to a true understanding of olive oil is to know a little chemistry. In this first lesson in the International Olive Oil Master certification series, we will lay out the basic chemistry of olive oil in easily understood language within an entertaining lesson and a series of illustrative tastings.
Course Instructor: DR. RICHARD GAWEL
Date: January 10th, 2014 (Friday)
Start Time: 18:30 (UTC/GMT)
Duration: 3 Hours
Tuition: $ 375

2) Olive Oil Tasting: Defects and Quality Assessment - Course ID: 2059
In this second lesson of the Olive Oil Master Certification series, Dr. Lauro will continue the training needed for candidates to become olive oil tasters. Students will learn how to recognize the most common sensory defects, the presence of which disqualify an olive oil from the extra virgin designation.Course Instructor: DR. ANTONIO G. LAURO
Date: February 21st, 2014 (Friday)
Start Time: 15:00 (UTC/GMT)
Duration: 3 Hours
Tuition:$ 375
3) Olive Varieties, Advanced Tasting Techniques and Food Pairings - Course ID: 2063
Having mastered the fundamentals of olive oil tasting, participants will now begin their exploration of the immense variety of olive cultivars and their taste characteristics. This final part of the Olive Oil Master certification series will introduce students to some of the world’s best loved olive varieties, personally selected by Ms. Devarenne from around the world.
Date: March 21st, 2014 (Friday)
Start Time: 14:00 (UTC/GMT)
Duration: 3 Hours
Tuition: $375

Information: The International Olive Oil School Administrative Office - Box 3639 Newport RI 02840 USA - -
1 401 846 2900 tel

Other lessons
4) Maximize Olive Oil Quality Without Compromising Extraction Efficiency
Course Instructor: Leandro Ravetti (Technical Director, Boundary Bend Olives)
The old saying that extra virgin olive oil quality is born at and comes from the grove still holds true. Nonetheless, a thorough understanding of current olive oil extraction technologies and scientific data will allow processors to preserve that quality and to gain control over the process.
Date: May 08th, 2014 (Thursday)
Start Time: 19:00 (UTC/GMT)
Duration: 2 Hours
Tuition: $ 175
5) Introduction to Olive Oil Tasting and Food Pairing
Course Instructor: Nicholas Coleman (Chief Oleologist, Eataly USA)
An introduction to extra virgin olive oil appreciation and tasting that will span the entire journey from the tree to the table. In this 150-minute course, Coleman highlights unique organoleptic qualities and explains how to pair them with appropriate cuisines.
Date: May 16th, 2014 (Friday)
Start Time: 14:00 (UTC/GMT)
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Tuition: $ 275
6) Science-Supported Health Benefits of Olive Oil
Course Instructor: Elena Paravantes, RDN (Health Editor, Olive Oil Times)
For as long as we can remember, olive oil has been touted as a cure for everything from cancers to amnesia. This course will examine the health benefits of olive oil that are substantiated by credible scientific data.
Date: May 23rd, 2014 (Friday)
Start Time: 14:00 (UTC/GMT)
Duration: 2 Hours
Tuition: $ 175
7) Media Saturated: Getting Modern Consumers to Notice Your Olive Oil Brand
Course Instructor: Curtis Cord (Publisher, Olive Oil Times)
How can an olive oil brand break through in a world where the attention span of most people is limited to 140 characters or less? Curtis Cord, publisher of Olive Oil Times, will discuss some ways high-quality olive oil producers and marketers can emerge from today’s media clutter.
Date: June 13th, 2014 (Friday)
Start Time: 14:00 (UTC/GMT)
Duration: 2 Hours
Tuition: $ 175

Instructors and course times subject to change without notice

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