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10 good reasons to join an International Olive Oil Contest.

In the last few years, the number of countries successfully entering in the high quality EVOO market is increasing more and more, year after year. The latest figures bring the total number of countries where the olive tree is now familiar to 65.
It comes as no surprise that countries such as China, India, South (and North) America have turned into EVO Oil producing countries. On the other hand, it will surprise to hear that for more ‘’unconventional’’ countries such as Brazil, Canada, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Japan the production of EVO Oil is a stable reality since years.
With the worldwide expansion of the cultivated areas for oil production, the number of national and international contest awarding the excellences of EVO oil production has expanded as well. These contests are born with the main goal of award and promote the oil excellences from all over the world.
For a more detailed overview on the ongoing contests, it is sufficient to browse WREVOO website to get an insight of the number, the importance and the origin of these contests. Since 2016, Evo IOOC Italy , international EVO Oil and Flavored EVOO contest organized in Italy by its founder and president Dr. Antonio G. Lauro.
We asked Dr. Lauro 10 main benefits of participating to the EVO IOOC Italy Contest, described as ‘’The International Academy Award of EVOOs and Flavored EVOO’’
‘’Actually, I can find more than ten reasons that could convince an EVOO producer to join an Olive Oil contest and EVO IOOC Italy in particular’’, starts Dr. Lauro.
‘’Among the main reasons that could lead to join and try to compete along with hundreds of competing products, I want to highlight these ten in particular that we advertise on the EVOO IOOC Italy website (
Why join:
  • The products will be judged and awarded by one of the most professional and competent international EVO Oil and EVOO-based Condiments contest and will be tasted by the most inflexible judges, led by me, from 10 other countries. 
  • The Evo IOOC prized will strengthen the brand participating in the international market and will bring unique benefits, since Evo IOOC Italy is the right path for presenting the winning products to the most important olive oil distributors in the world. 
  • Winning the EVO IOOC Italy will allow to insert the winning products in the EVO IOOC Guide Buyers Edition (both in English and Italian) that will be distributed on paper and digital to the main international events and delivered to the most renowned olive oil distributors. 
  • A special awards will be assigned to special categories as Organic Oil, DOP or IGP, Monovarietal, Blend and Flavored EVOO! 
  • At the EVO IOOC Italy 2021 the different products are put to the test, compared with the best EVOO and Flavored EVOO in the world! 
  • The stamp will make the difference. In fact, all the winning bottles will bear the quality stamp (Gold and Silver Medals) issued by the organization. 
  • This allows to achieve the maximum in the world ranking of quality oils! Establishing yourself in the EVO IOOC Italy contest will entitle you to 9 points valid for the ranking curated by WREVOO (World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oil). 
  • The EVOOs participating in the EVO IOOC Italy will be used by leading chefs and professional tasters during Masterclasses and promotional events all around the world. 
  • The winning EVOO and Flavored EVOO will be presented to consumers and chefs in culinary art schools and restaurants during related gastronomy events both in Italy and abroad. 
  • All winners will enjoy global advertising through our official website and the Social Media of the EVO IOOC Italy (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn) and thanks to the periodic newsletter sent to thousands of consumers, enthusiasts, influencers, chefs, buyers, on-line and off-line sales chains and professionals in the food sector; furthermore, the winners will be promoted both by our Media Partners (Media coverage) and through dedicated articles on our blog. 
These, and many others, are the valid reasons to participate to a global competition on the excellence of the olive oil world and to EVO IOOC Italy in particular.
Before concluding I would like to remind everyone – President Lauro ends – how to participate in EVO IOOC Italy 2021, which will be held in Palmi (Calabria) from May 17th to 21st 2021.
The registration to the competition is very simplified this year.
In fact, you just have to visit our website and a clear procedure will guide you step by step in the registration.
We would like to highlight that those who complete the registration procedure and pay the registration fee by January 31, 2021, will receive a discounted “Early Booking” registration.
We look forward to seeing you!”
In thanking Dr Antonio G. Lauro for providing us with many interesting ideas related to the choice to participate in a world oil competition, we would like to invite you – pandemic permitting – to one of the many events on the world of oil scattered around the globe, starting from the Masterclass: Do you want to taste some extra virgin olive oil with me? Led by Antonio G. Lauro and which will take place in the days of the competition (May 2021).
Good job and good luck to everybody!

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