venerdì 13 marzo 2020

Press release of the President of the EVO IOOC competition, Dr Antonio G. Lauro.

Palmi (Calabria), 12/03/2020.

Dear friends,
Many of you are writing to us for news about EVO IOOC Italy.
For these reasons, we would like to inform you about our international competition.
As you all know Italy, and the whole world, are living special, difficult and intense moments. We are facing a serious situation that nobody could have foreseen or imagined, and the WHO has just officially declared the "Pandemia".
We thought what was best for all of us, whether to confirm, postpone or cancel the contest EVO IOOC.
But your lovely letters that we received along with the love we all have for this job, the love we all have for this industry gives us the courage and hope to continue.
Although from today and until April 3, Italy will be "Protected Zone", we can confirm that the contest will take place in Palmi (Calabria) in May (18/30).
Even if it is a serious and difficult moment and since there are still two and a half months to start the competition, we are confident that everything will go well and that EVO IOOC Italy will take place regularly, just like the other last four years.
We are also waiting for the next decisions of the Italian Prime Minister and should new indications come from the Italian Government, this organization will respect any new provisions and will promptly communicate to all of you further news.
In the meantime, all EVO IOOC Team has accepted the invitation of the Italian Government, using the hashtag: #IoRestoACasa! (literally, I stay home).
Kind regards

Antonio G. Lauro
President EVO IOOC

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