lunedì 6 aprile 2020

EVOIOOC stays at home and doesn't stop

#EvoIoocNonSiFerma (Literally #EvoIoocDoesntStop)
A world scenario that we would never have imagined, a future that is uncertain and social distancing measures that will last for several weeks, perhaps months.
Needs and priorities have changed, the virus has distorted our daily lives but the rhythms of nature and agriculture do not change, sometimes they slow down, but they always find a way to move forward.
For EVOOs and Flavoured EVOOs producers new difficulties and new challenges to promote and distribute excellence; for this reason, EVO IOOC stays at home and doesn't stop.
A challenge in the challenges is to proceed with a mixed system of evaluation: in the remote evaluation the international judges will be in constant communication with each other (video and audio) and with the president and panel leader of the competition, Dr. Antonio Giuseppe Lauro; in order to minimize any effects of the transport of the samples, this jury will be supported by an all-Italian jury.
From the headquarter of EVO IOOC will be prepared in dark glass bottles, all the samples entered in the competition, properly anonymized and sent all over the world to the international judges. A safe transport thanks to temperature-controlled packaging and compliance with all regulations regarding food transport.
Finally, as expected, on the afternoon of May 30, 2020, the president of the competition will reveal live on Facebook the winners of the prizes of the fifth edition of EVO IOOC Italy.
A gift for producers: the contest management would like to remind you that to celebrate the fifth edition of the contest and to thank all the producers, EVO IOOC Italy has launched the new sticker that can be affixed for FREE on the winning bottles of EVOOs and Flavoured EVOOS (Best in Class/Special Awards/Gold Medal/Silver Medal).
The EVO IOOC 2020 sticker is a real seal of quality that will allow the promotion and commercial activity of the extra virgin olive oils and flavoured EVOO awarded in the competition.
The presence of the seal on the winning bottles will make the consumer's experience special, conveying the message of a premium product, which has in fact been given special recognition.
The emergency has in fact radically changed our lifestyle, but our buying habits must always privilege quality and excellence.

Here, in this regard, are announcements from our President Dr. Lauro:
First of all, my thoughts go out to those affected directly or indirectly by the virus. I have full faith in science and admiration for health workers around the world, who tirelessly fight the new pandemic.
I understand the serious crisis we are all facing and I fully understand the anguish of the many producers of excellent condiments and EVOOs around the world. The future, as never before, is not yet written. But everything must continue and we will have to start again with even more enthusiasm. We owe it to our customers and the consumers of our excellence. But above all, we owe it to ourselves. Nothing will be the same as before, but everything will certainly be different, even here at EVO IOOC. We will keep the promises we made to the many entered producers. We will work hard to organize new tasting sessions, gathering around our blue glasses the world's excellence in the art of tasting. We will call our judges, who even though touched by this serious contingency. Our judges will give their support to the EVO IOOC contest. All this will allow us to cancel distances and make the whole world the next theatre of our contest. We will use the technology, now mature for smart working, and the logistics will give us a big hand. We have a lot of the desire to continue. It's a difficult decision that we made today, here at EVO IOOC headquarters. But thanks to you, we will make it!

Our thanks to the producers already entered in the EVO IOOC. To the other producers and to those who still want to register for the fifth edition of EVO IOOC Italy, we remind you that the dates of the competition, which will take place from May 18th to 30th, are confirmed. Also, the deadline for the receipt of the samples at the offices of the competition (18th May 2020) and the award ceremony (30th May 2020) is confirmed.

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