martedì 15 giugno 2021

A postcard for Anatolian IOOC

First of all, I want to congratulate the whole organization of Anatolian IOOC for having stubbornly completed the competition in a tough and difficult year for the olive industry, heavily influenced by the pandemic that caused great difficulties for everyone.
It was nothing easy and nothing was taken for granted but everything was done in the best way!
Edremit, for one week the world capital of high quality, welcomed us with love, just like the perfect organizational "machine" did, led by Birsen Pehlivan and with the great contribution of Ilkem Topal and Leonardo Castellani without forgetting the precious support of the local municipality and the chambers of commerce and sponsors.
All the international judges and I have been “pampered” during our stay in Turkey.
The collateral program of the competition was dense and interesting, which also wanted to present the historical and artistic excellence of the area and, last but not least, the technical part and the fantastic party reserved for us at the company managed by Mehmet özgü Manisalı.
But let's get to the competition.
The Venus Butik Hotel facilities facilitated the operations of the first edition of the international competition, and the great professionalism of the collaborators made all very simple.
Nourished the presence of 267 international EVOO alongside local excellences, which have ennobled this first edition with their presence. Companies that they wanted to get involved in a country like Turkey that has been at the top of world productions for years.
The engine of everything was the parterre of the international judges who endured the discomforts of the pandemic and faced the tasting sessions in the best way possible with the sole aim of decreeing the olive oil excellences of the competition and rewarding high quality producers.
By now Anatolian IOOC has proudly conquered a fixed space in the vast world panorama of events dedicated to our liquid gold and it is precisely for this reason that the organization and I are giving you an appointment for 2022 for the second edition of Anatolian IOOC, which will be even more nice and big.
Save the dates, big surprises are on the way.

Antonio G. Lauro

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